Tired of too many products? Savvy Minerals  Multi-Tasker and Veil will solve your problem!

If you have a problem with too many cosmetics and too many products for various purposes, we have a solution for you!
Give your eyes a mystic look with Savvy Minerals Multi-Tasker eyebrow filler, liner, and eyeshadow by Young Living. Enhance your eyes and eyebrows with this all-in-1 tool.  To further accomplish a finish look used mineral veil setting powder from Savvy Minerals. These products are mineral based and perfect for every skin type. They are not tested on animals so you feel good about what you are wearing.

Multi Tasker-Savvy Minerals by Young Living

Multipurpose makeup products will save you time and money! Savvy Minerals Multi-Tasker is richly pigmented. It has a deep and dark brown shade, which is perfect as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, or brow filler. It is a mineral based product that blends well into your skin and gives a perfect and even application.
It is great for an evening or day look. You can use it as a powder or apply it with the wet brush to give a more dramatic look. It is suitable for sensitive skin too. You can also use it to bring dimension to your contour by adding it to your foundation or bronzer.

Veil-Savvy Minerals by Young Living

Get a finished look and long-lasting makeup with Savvy Minerals veil setting power. Savvy Minerals veil setting powder has a sheer, mineral-based formula. It applies smoothly and easily, creates highlights, and blurs fine lines and pores for a glowing, airbrushed finish. It is perfect for all skin tones and types.
It absorbs extra oil from your skin and keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day. It helps you in achieving a radiant look that gives sheer coverage all day long.

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