Happy April

We have officially entered Spring! Do you have flowers budding yet? It always feels like a breath of fresh air when I can hear the birds singing and see the green grass surfacing. This month we also get to celebrate Easter… even if it may be from a distance. Be sure to break out all your spring diffuser recipes and create an uplifting environment as we travel through these uncharted waters “together.”



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Important Announcements


Spring Launch 2020

From Young Living regarding this month’s Spring Launch:

“In this time of increased separation from one another, this seems like an opportunity to do what Young Living does best and bring people together—digitally! On April 4, at 10 a.m., MT, on the Young Living Leader Development Facebook page, join us for a corporate-hosted Spring Launch event. Our U.S. Leadership team is excited to share information about business building, new products, and so much more—please be sure to share this far and wide!”


Silver Bound Bonus Program


Silver Bound is a simpler and more achievable program that gives business builders through Executive rank the opportunity to earn cash bonuses for building their businesses with a sustainable structure. It also offers big upgrades in terms of simplicity, total payout, and the number of people who can potentially qualify. Enjoy a one-time cash payout when you meet the time, leg, and Organization Group Volume (OGV) requirements at any of the featured ranks. Silver Bound will begin at 12 midnight, MT, on April 1. Check out the details here: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/opportunity/SilverBound


Monthly Giveaway

March and April… All new members and their sponsor will have a chance to win this beautiful travel bag. 

Monthly Young Living Promos


Young Living is giving you just what you need to give your home a fresh start this month… and since we are spending more time there these days, let’s make the best of it! Look at everything you get for free when you hit the 400 PV level!!



When you Level Up in April, earn 15 ml bottles of Thieves essential oil blend, Lemon essential oil, and Orange essential oil! This terrific trio is perfect for infusing your home with the fresh, clean smell of spring!
When you Double Up, you will receive three glass spray bottles with silicone sleeve holders for extra durability. The sleeves are color matched to your new oils, so you can give each of your homemade cleaning solutions a signature scent!

Click HERE for full details and requirements.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Upcoming Online Classes:

ADD YOUR CLASSES HERE or feature 1-2 Sway link classes. The ‘All Things Thieves’ Class would be a great one to feature since many people are in the cleaning mood! 

April Classes/Resources: 

April 13-   Spring Harvest Flavors- Text Class

If you are not part of my TEXT class champaign and would like to be included. Please reach out to me at asp552@gmail.com. I would love to get you into the loop to assist you in building Oily Confidence.

Featured Products

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, consider whipping up some easy DIY perfumes to gift to that special woman in your life. Try this recipe out, featuring four incredible oils that are sure to enhance that inner wildflower.

Bohemian Wildflower Spritz 

  • 16 drops Patchouli
  • 16 drops Bergamot
  • 16 drops Myrrh
  • 12 drops Joy

Add essential oils to 2 oz. glass spray bottle and top with witch hazel or vodka. Distilled water can be used if you desire. Shake before each use.

Why these oils?

  • Patchouli: With a rich history and unique aromatic profile, Patchouli is perfect for the free spirit. Use its calming, relaxing aroma during meditation or yoga practice or to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Bergamot: While Bergamot has a primarily tart and uplifting aroma, there are also sweet and relaxing elements, making it a popular addition to perfumes.
  • Myrrh: The oil is recognized for its beautifying properties and grounding aroma. It has a calming, complex aroma that brings a deeper sense of spirituality.
  • Joy: With its combination of floral and citrus essential oils, this blend invites togetherness and is used adoringly by members all around the world.

Oil of the Month

The mood-lifting properties of Bergamot makes it a great addition to your morning routine and to liven up the atmosphere. The sweet and relaxing elements of this oil also make it a great addition to perfumes and colognes. It can be used topically and aromatically. It also comes in a Vitality version, which can be used internally.

Topical Benefits

  • May help calm everyday skin irritations
  • May reduce the appearance of blemishes
  • Has skin-cleansing properties

Note: Bergamot can cause photosensitivity; do not apply it before going into direct sunlight.


Aromatic Benefits

  • May help relieve tension during times of occasional stress
  • Has a citrus aroma with a floral hint



PRO TIP: Add a few drops of Bergamot to your favorite night cream or toner for additional cleansing properties and a fresh new look.

I have used my ” at home time” to Infuse my life with  Prayer, Scripture and oils…

If I can assist you in building your “Oily Confidence” reach out. I can arrange for virtual classes, text classes and hopefully soon…. In person classes.

Lets keep our Body Frequency high with our oils and do our best to live above the wellness line.