Rocks have frequency, Oil have frequency, You have frequency…. So Im excited to learn more… I have used Sara Wallace’s book “ROCK and OIL” as my reference and foundation for this class.

What ever you want to call them, crystals, gemstones, rocks, they are all made of minerals. There are so many different kinds and variations on each, you can spend a lifetime studying them. In fact, I have taught earth science and loved studying and teaching about them “rocks” for years… The people that study this science are Geologist. I am not a Geologist but I do enjoy the study of the rocks and now how their frequency can now assist in healing and wellness. While preparing for this class….  I had a triangulated light bulb come on and I feel as though I am being pulled out of my comfort zone. I KNOW that oils have frequency… I KNOW that crystals have frequency….. I KNOW that we have frequency. Science has proven that humans get sick when our body frequency drops below 56 mhz. I have always shared that when I use my oils I use that time to pray and or meditate. That is my time everyday with the Lord. He created us to have positive frequency and he gave us what we need to stay well.

Have you ever wondered why a HUG  from a friend or loved one makes us feel good.  We are sharing our frequencies when we touch…. YES…. we lift each other up through frequency or touch. While studying for this class, my sister called me and dropped off this book, ” the prayer that heals, praying for healing in the family” by Francis MacNutt.  Y’all, I am being pushed out of my comfort zone. In this book, the author discusses the art of prayer and TOUCH. She also discusses how our emotions are tied to our physical health.

During this time of social distancing and  “Stay at home” orders, we are missing out on the physical contact with many of our loved ones. I am know  realizing that my “private or quiet prayers of healing for individuals may not be enough for healing. We NEED to reach out and TOUCH our family,friends and people on our prayer list. We need to SHARE our OILS, CRYSTALS and our TOUCH. This provides a triad of increased frequency that allows individuals to  raise their body frequency for healing.

I have attached the recording of the class below.

Crystals and Oils Class recording 

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Crystal and Oils quiz cards

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